RESIST. Original song by Joe Farnell. Copyright 2017.

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RESIST Lyrics:

Here we are today in a trumped upped world
Where it’s not safe to be a boy or a girl
Cuz’ the animals who took control hate their fellow man
Yeah, these monsters of greed have their own plans

Never trust a man who wants to break all he sees
No never trust a man who only loves money
Never turn your back, or you will surely find
He’d gladly snuff out your life for a thin, thin dime

America went to sleep and she was killed
By her own people of their own will
They laid her down, tore out her heart, and smashed out her brains
And all that remains of her is our poverty and pain

Yours and mine
Yours and mine
Yeah, yours and mine
Yeah, yours and mine
All of it stolen by the rich man’s crimes

If you choose this as all you wanted and more
Then heart’s as useless as a broken door
Your soul must be dead and your brain must really be sick, sick
How could you fall so low for a rich man’s trick?

Now stand up and face yourself in the mirror
It’s time for us to find a way from here
We got one chance and only one chance left, left
Don’t let this be your babies world when you take your last breath

No don’t let this be your babies world, it’s time to resist

Don’t let this be your babies world, resist…